Acuity Laser Distance Sensors

Acuity Laser (A division of Schmitt Industries, Inc.) was founded in 1992 to develop non-contact laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. Acuity non-contact laser sensors are used in applications from steel casting to paper production to medical imaging, from crane control to micron-level part and surface inspection. Non-contact measurement sensors from Acuity Laser conform to and possesses ISO 9000:2000 certification.


Acuity Short-Range Sensors provide Laser Displacement sensors measuring 3 to 1,300 mm

AR200 Laser Measurement SensorThe AR200 Laser Measurement Sensor is Acuity's most compact product with four metric models to satisfy precision measuring requirements from 6 mm to 50 mm with up to 12 micron accuracy.



AccuRange 500 Laser Position SensorThe AccuRange 500 Laser Position Sensor is fast and accurate measurement devices. Available up to ranges of 1,000 mm with all models using a compact enclosure. These sensors are available with optional BLUE laser diodes.



AR700 Laser Displacement SensorThe AR700 Laser Displacement Sensor is Acuity's newest, high-resolution sensor. Models vary in measuring range and can achieve resolutions better than 0.2 micron with increased sampling speeds up to 9.4 Khz to satisfy most requirements most high speed applications.



Acuity long-distance laser sensors offer a variety of rangefinders for accurate, non-contact distance measuring

AR1000 Laser Distance SensorThe AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor can measure up to 30 meters with an accuracy of 3 mm. Using a reflective target board, the sensor will measure distances up to 150 meters.



AR2500 Laser Range Finder SensorThe AR2500 Laser Range Finder Sensor is Acuity's ultra-compact model with eye-safe measurements up to 30 KHz to natural targets 30 meters away or to reflectors 260 meters away. The AR2500 is also available in module format to system integrators and high-volume OEM customers.



AR3000 Distance Measurement SensorThe AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensors are longest-range models. Ideal for measuring positions of cranes and trolleys, the pulse time-of-fight sensor can reach 300 meters to normal surfaces and up to 3,000 meters when using a reflective target. With sampling speeds to 2 KHz, the AR3000 sensors can monitor the speed of moving targets.


Acuity Laser Profile Scanners for 2D profiles

AccuProfile Laser Profile SensorThe AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner produces a 2D profile of surfaces and objects with great precision. The line sensor is used to calculate dimensions such as width, thickness, height, gap, diameter and angles.



White Light Confocal Sensors

AccuRange CCS Prima White Light Confocal Displacement SensorThe AccuRange™ CCS Prima White Light Confocal Displacement Sensor is the most precise measurement system from Acuity. Using white light LED (rather than laser) the system employs a unique measuring principle that separates emitted light into different colors and then uses a detector to identify the reflected color signal. The CCS Prima sensor uses a controller, optical fiber and measurement pen.



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