Wireless Connections And Vibration Sensors

Published by Garth Bragg   – April 9, 2014
Categories: Sensors

The current practice for vibration measurement sensors is hard wire connections running through transmitters and junction boxes. This has been very effective for most situations. However; many situations require a different solution. Demanding environments, presence of high magnetic field from high voltage supply lines, or unplanned operational expansion are just a few of the challenges to conventional applications.

Wireless connections have emerged as a solution to these particular challenges. Many questions still are in the minds of vibration specialists. What frequencies are right? What about installation? How do I integrate this into my current operations? How do I justify the cost? These are all very important questions and we can now answer them with a wireless product that was designed specifically for the vibration monitoring industry. The TS-1X from Uptime Solutions answers all of the questions and looks to the future.

The TS-1X unit is an advanced wireless monitoring system supporting a wide variety of analog inputs. It is capable of sampling 7 channels of vibration data at rates up to 160Khz, and 6 channels of DC data. A seamless connection for process inputs is provided for the TS-1X Thermal Amp, where external sensors, such as cold junction thermocouples or RTDs are amplified and conditioned. A tachometer input is also included.

The TS-1X unit includes a high performance digital signal processor (DSP) that allows advanced analysis programs within the unit (as custom configurations).  This includes data compression, encryption, and error correction for the wireless link, and the ability to do advance frequency domain analysis on the unit, as well as setting alarms and making other real time decisions without having to contact the base station.

On board memory allows samples times of up 3 hours at low sample rates, and 1 minute at the maximum rate. Real time data stream is available over WLAN, with a maximum sample rate that depends on the network performance of the connected WLAN access point. All housed in an  IP67 weather proof housing with integral connectors.

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