Hoffer Flow Control and Subsea Applications

Published by   – July 2, 2015

The subsea environment places high demands for performance and dependability on flow meters. Hoffer Flow Controls has met these demands with cost effective and highly accurate meters for a variety of applications.

Hoffer Flow control has met these demands with cost effective and highly accurate meters for a variety of applications. Each subsea flow meter has the same function but each has very specific design parameters that must be met. Hoffer Flow has the experience and ability to provide the solution in the time frame and on budget.

Hoffer has provided a replacement design meter for a problem control fluid line on a BOP to solve a leak issue. A major BOP manufacturer was experiencing leak problems on the control fluid loop for the rams on their subsea BOP. Leaks were preventing a full closure and measurement of full actuation was compromised. Hoffer was approached and asked to provide a solution. The solution was a Hoffer turbine flow meter. With no egress paths for the control fluid, leaks were impossible through the meter. Hoffer worked with the Customer to engineer a form factor fit to the existing meter for ease of replacement and designed a meter that worked effectively in less than perfect turbine meter service conditions. Hoffer’s capability for 100-1 turn down and millisecond response time also provided vital information on closure actuation and measurement. The flow meter was retrofitted to all the existing BOPs and added to new production units. Further, Hoffer manufacturing allowed the quick phase-in and installation over a short period, only limited by installation capabilities.

The same BOP manufacturer has included Hoffer flow meters in their new generation BOPs with excellent results. Hoffer Flow meters are currently operating in ROVs, submarines, remediation and intervention skids. Hoffer has the capacity and engineering skill to provide meters that are operating at a depth of 20,000 feet. Hoffer can meet military standards; provide a wide variety of end connections and electronic outputs and construction materials.

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