Seawater Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducers From RDP Electrosense

Published by   – September 21, 2015

SS Series Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducers from RDP Electrosense are ideal for long-term underwater position applications. Featuring very heavy construction, these units are capable of withstanding the most harsh subsea applications and 10 years of sea water submersion at a depth of up to 7546 feet. The Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) principle makes the SS Series extremely robust and highly reliable. The strength of the LVDT sensor's principle is that there is no electrical contact across the transducer position sensing element, thus providing clean data, infinite resolution, and extended life for the unit. SS Series LVDTs are made of welded 316 stainless steel and have a through bore.

Since fluids which are nonmagnetic can be allowed to flood the armature tube without affecting the operation of the transducer, the SS Series can be used in a variety of applications that require long-term submersion. SS Series LVDTs can be found in offshore oil drilling platforms; position monitoring of undersea trenches used in burying cables; undersea tunnels; and monitoring the underwater sections of bridges and other structures.

SSA Seawater Submersible LVDT

SSD Seawater Submersible LVDT



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