Ruggedized Tablet Applications: Upstream Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals Storage

Published by   – October 8, 2015

Large scale Oil and Gas storage has challenges few other industries must meet. Hazardous area, large facilities, difficult infrastructure implementation, inventory control and round the clock operation schedules. Xplore has the right Ruggedized Tablet to meet the current data control and entry needs of the industry. ALL Xplore ruggedized Tablets carry UL and ATEX hazardous area certification and a minimum IP65 protection.

The need for faster inventory information gathering, transmission and accuracy drives new choices of data entry, many Houston Ship Channel storage companies are now moving away from paper to ‘real time’ digital record keeping and storage. The computer has become an important part of this change. Tablet computers that are light, rugged, powerful and fully functional are now leading in onsite information gathering revolution.

The most durable Rugged construction in the industry, ease of use and implementation and full shift battery life make Xplore tablets the choice for data control on site in storage facilities. Access controls built in make Xplore a seamless addition to your company security protocols. CAC readers can be used for even higher security and user control.

A range of input modes are available, keyboard,  touch input, bar scanner, camera, card reader, Video ports and serial input for other devices. These tablets run windows or Android operating systems for wide compatibility with other existing devices. Simple intuitive operation allows for easy deployment and even training can be driven through the device, so your workforce will learn operation on the device they will be using. These tablets have been designed from inception as hazardous area use devices; as such they meet all long term certification requirements as well as ergonometric standards and UL Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX zone 2 Hazardous area certifications.

If the tablet you are considering can meet the diverse and demanding range of requirements for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, it can meet your standards.

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