Hoffer Flow Controls Application Note

Published by   – October 21, 2015

Corrosive Bulk Transport & In-House Non-Corrosive Service

Application: A supplier of industrial chemicals along the West coast uses several types of Hoffer meters and electronics to meter both corrosive and non-corrosive chemicals in road tankers and plant systems. They have used Hoffer equipment for applications such as bleach, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and city water.

System Requirements: The customer requires the ability to meter corrosive chemicals with high accuracy for billing purposes. The meter must be compatible with corrosive chemicals. Customer needs metering systems for inplant use and also systems that can be mounted on a tanker for bulk transporting.

Solution: For metering the corrosive chemical bleach/hypochlorite 12.5%on
road tankers, Hoffer supplied customer with:

• ACE-B-V-X-12-X-S ACE Electronics- provides customer with a totalizer designed to withstand the rigors and weather conditions imposed on truck-mounted systems. The ACE provides user-friendly software, minimal operator involvement, preventive maintenance notification and systemmalfunction detection.

• HO 1½X1½-8-100-TFE-1M-F1SS-TFE-H Flanged, Teflon® turbine meter with stainless steel housing. Used, in this instance, due to the corrosive nature of the liquid and provides customer with 1%linearity over the linear flow range.

• 6 ft. Signal cable and a 6 ft. Power cable. For in-plant use measuring non-corrosive liquids such as city water or sodium hydroxide, Hoffer supplied Star/46 Systems:

• HO 2X2-15-225-C-1MX-NPT-IND An extremely economical, industrial grade turbine providing an accuracy of 1%or better. When used with the 46, as in this case, provides user with a convenient, self-contained system.

• 46ER-1-X-X-X-N-F Providing rate and total in gallons/GPM. Battery powered unit integrally mounted on flowmeter.

When measuring corrosive liquids, compatibility of the fluid and the equipment is of most concern. The compatibility of the fluid with the meter ultimately determines the life of the equipment. The use of our Teflon Series assures customer that compatibility is not an issue while providing accurate measurement to 1%linearity. For less demanding applications, the use of the Star/46 systemis beneficial due to its versatility and low cost. This self-contained, battery powered unit provides users with 1%linearity as well as providing a

Summary: In summary, Hoffer offers metering equipment for a variety of applications. From simple off the shelf flow systems such as our Star/46 System to more complex, customized applications such as the Teflon Series with ACE electronics, Hoffer offers a solution for your metering needs.

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