Measuring Flow Of Fresh Water In An Existing Pump Station [Application Note]

Published by   – November 5, 2015

A rural water and wastewater company came to TALON for help measuring flow of fresh water in an existing pump station. The customer was instituting new monitoring policies. Operation of the station had previously allowed customers to pump as much water as needed with no record of volume. The challenge was to install a flow measurement system that would not interrupt the operation of the system. Additionally the new instrumentation had to be easy to integrate into their present control system and it had to make economic sense.

TALON visited and consulted on the operation and customer preferences. After a survey we recommended a Fuji Ultrasonic flow meter with special coatings on the sensors for enhanced durability. The meter was sized to meet the measurement requirements and complete measurement packages were delivered for installation. The installation took less than a working day and the station continued operation throughout installation. Our customer has installed several packages and plans to phase them throughout their operation.

The Fuji Time Delta Ultrasonic flowmeter is a clamp –on flow meter using transit- time measurement. The units are compact, light -weight and highly accurate. You can expect better than +/- 1% of rate accuracy. New ABM features improve measurement of slurries, sludge, raw sewage and bubble containing flow. The components small size allows installation in tight areas and a range of pipe diameter sizes form ½ inch to 240 inches.   Diagnostics, ease of operation and installation make the Fuji Time Delta flow meter the choice for demanding applications.

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