Measure Heavy Loads With NK Technologies' Large Aperture, Split Core Sensors

Published by   – November 10, 2015

The split-core design of the NK Technologies’ large aperture current sensing switches, transducers and transformers make installation a snap. Whether installing over existing conductors or bus bars or in new control systems, installation is simple and quick. Just remove the top portion of the sensing ring, place the conductors inside, and snap the top back in place. There is no need to disconnect the load, even in applications where there are multiple conductors per phase.

The innovative modular design features two sizes of sensing rings, which can be mounted to a common base. The rings are also used to enclose the core and windings of a current transformer. This design approach allows NK Technologies to offer these split-core models, all with ranges up to 1600 amps. The smaller of the two rings (MS models for medium split-core) measures 1.19 inches (30.1mm) wide and 2.22 inches (56.4mm) high. The larger ring measures 2.3 inches (58.4mm) wide and 3.42 inches (86.9mm) high.

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