AGLD Ground Fault Sensors W/ Large LED Display For Clear Viewing

Published by   – December 3, 2015

NK Technologies' AGLD Series Ground Fault Sensors keep machinery and their operators safe from accidental shocks. The large, one piece solid- core design allows for installation over wires feeding heavy loads. The output relay will change state at any point between 5 and 100mA, or 80 and 950mA. A delay can be set to allow downstream protection to activate before this sensor, keeping the main circuit protection hot and the equipment energized while the smaller faults are cleared. The large LED display shows the precise trip point and the extra delay clearly, in any light condition. The display flashes when there is current sensed over the trip point.

• Electromechanical relay output provides both normally open and normally closed contacts and is compatible with most automation and control systems.
• Externally powered with a choice of fail safe or standard operation.
• A single turn potentiometer with the setpoint shown on the display makes adjusting the setpoint in the field easy.
• Large solid-core case with a large sensing window provides ample space for multiple conductors.
• Simple DIN rail mount for quick installation.


• Monitor Large Machines: Detect fault currents before damage can occur. Connect the output to a shunt trip breaker operating solenoid or to the circuit powering a connector coil.
• Water Delivery and Treatment: Detect moisture ingress in submersible pumps.
• Heating Processes: If an element shorts to ground, the sensor will activate to de-energize the circuit, keeping safety at the forefront.

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