AT/ATR-FD Transducer w/ Larger Aperture for Measuring Loads

Published by   – February 2, 2016

The AT/ATR-FD Series Current Transducers feature an aperture with a 1.31” inside diameter to accomodate wire sizes for loads up to 400 amps. The design makes feeding the wires through the aperture as effortless as possible, ensuring an easy installation even in applications where there are multiple conductors per phase. The overall size of the sensor is not much larger than that of a standard sensor case and can be mounted on a back panel or a DIN rail.

• 4–20mA analog signal proportional to AC current.
• Available in both average responding and True RMS models.
• Simple and reliable 2-wire loop powered connection.
• Choice of three ranges: 0–200, 300 or 400 amps.
• Aperture provides ample space for a bus bar, a single or multiple conductors.
• Factory calibrated with 5-year warranty.
• DIN rail or panel mount.


• Monitor Large Machines: Detect over or under-current conditions before they cause breakdowns or interlock one process with another.
• Water Delivery and Treatment: Detect open discharge lines; sense clogged filters or blocked intake to pumps; and measure increased current to show failing bearings or pump impeller cavitation.
• Generators: Shed noncritical loads when demand reaches a set level.

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