Product Spotlight: PMC Slimline Miniature Electronic Pressure Transmitter

Published by   – March 22, 2016

The PMC Slimline Miniature Electronic Pressure Transmitter incorporates a highly precise ceramic-capacitive pressure sensor. Its compact design of 1 1/16" diameter x 4" long makes installation in confined spaces possible. Accuracy is ±0.2% over full sensor range. Tolerance to overload is 10 times nominal range. The electronic voltage-to-current converter (signal conditioner) allows accurate calibration utilizing precision potentiometers on a set of dip switches. The sensor output is temperature-compensated from -30°C to 100°C to assure accuracy and long-term stability.

PMC-MIN/S-CV/P (O Ring Process Connection)Slimline Miniature Electronic Pressure Transmitter - Cable Version



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