Wiloxon's Innovative ReferenceMate: The Multiple-Frequency Handheld Shaker

Published by   – June 21, 2016

The REF2500 handheld shaker quickly and easily checks operation and set-up of accelerometers and velocity sensors in the field. Ensure confidence in the entire measurement chain before beginning expensive tests and calibration.

No conversions, no calculations

Check acceleration and velocity measurements with no imperial-metric conversions - no extra steps and no calculations. Frequency and measurement type (peak or RMS) can be selected at the push of a button.

Reliable performance

ReferenceMate is designed with multiple features that ensure accurate readings and proper operation. LED indicators activate if battery levels are low or if the unit is overloaded. A built-in reference accelerometer maintains a 1 g test level for sensors weighing up to 250 grams.

Rugged and portable

Designed for every application

ReferenceMate industrial kits are ideal for use with vibration sensors monitoring manufacturing equipment and rotating machinery.

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