Avoiding The Destructive Effects Of Torsional Resonance - Technical Memo

Published by   – August 24, 2016

The rapidly expanding use of diesel engines and a-c variable speed drive systems has made it essential for test stand users and designers to acquire a working knowledge of torsional effects. Both drive types carry a much higher risk of associated component failures than either spark ignition engines or other variable speed motor types. The diesel’s high amplitude torsional output is well known. The problems associated with a-c drives stem from the very wide range of output torque forcing frequency. Unless such drivelines are analyzed and modified where necessary, there is a high probability resonance will fall within the operating speed range and cause component failure. Technical Memorandum 8150 shows how to estimate torsional resonant frequencies and describes how to avoid destructive effects. Both practical and theoretical aspects are included. Several typical problems are analyzed and solutions presented. 

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