Hoffer Flow Controls Offers Custom Subsea Flowmetering Solutions

Published by   – October 13, 2016

There is only one clear choice for every critical, complex flow measurement application in the offshore drilling, production and well-servicing environment: Hoffer Flow Controls. The HO Subsea Flowmeter Series provides users with multiple features and benefits that are unavailable from any other flowmeter company.

Hoffer's flowmeter expertise has enabled them to supply flowmeter solutions for BOPs, ROVs, wellhead additives, subsea production systems and a variety of other subsea flow applications. With more than 40 years in the flowmeter business, they continue to set the standards for accuracy,
reliability, durability, economy and integrity. In fact, no other company offers you more flow measurement solutions for subsea flow applications than we do. Put them to the test, and find out how Hoffer turbine flowmeters can resolve your challenging subsea flow applications.

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