iT 300 Transmitter Modules from Wilcoxon Make Machine Status Information Easier to Use

Published by   – January 9, 2017

In the world of vibration monitoring, transmission of the sensor data to the control point has previously required the use of special output sensors or transmitters to change the vibration sensor output to an easily manageable signal format.

Currently, few PLCs or Control Systems can take raw vibration spectrum inputs and use them in operation decisions. Vibration monitoring is a valuable tool to monitor operational health of machinery. While a full spectrum vibration signal is very useful to analyze the health of a particular machine, training, experience, and skill are required to make judgments about the machine. Most control systems are not looking for such detailed information.

Operational decisions require simpler information. In most cases “GO, Caution, Stop” condition signal is enough and the preferred input. For this requirement, a 4-20mA signal is ideal. 4-20mA signals can be driven long wiring distances, are resistant to induced environment noise, and wire runs are easy to install. To provide a 4-20mA signal from a vibration sensor, Wilcoxon Research provides iT Modules. These modules take the full spectrum signal and output 4-20mA signals. Additionally, the iT modules have a BNC connector to direct connect and gather full spectrum information in a route based maintenance program.

In the past, the iT modules needed to be purchased to specifically match a particular sensor. This meant an installer with different sensor models needed to purchase several different types of transmitters. This caused over complex parts maintenance program. To solve this issue, Wilcoxon has introduced the New iT 300 modules that are programmable and span the entire range of sensors. One part number is required to cover all the former model numbers. Programmability also allows for more flexibility in monitoring range. DIN Rail mounts make installation a snap and the modules fit a small “foot print”.

The new iT 300 transmitter modules make machine status information easier to use,  simplify parts replacement, reduce installation complexity, and add needed flexibility of monitoring ranges.

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