Precision Digital's PD6000 ProVu Dual-Line 6-Digit Process Meter

Published by Holly Hamric   – July 11, 2017

The PROVU® meter boasts specifications and functionality that clearly make it one of the most advanced process meters available. Its dual-line 6-digit display, advanced signal input conditioning, function keys, Modbus RTU serial communications, and optional expansion modules are only a few of the features found on the PROVU PD6000.


The PD6000 includes a digital input as standard. This digital input can operate with the tare, reset tare, or interlock relays feature, force relays on from a signal from a PLC or relay on other equipment, and much more. This is ideal for installations where the meter is inaccessible behind a cover, or where an additional function key is needed for customized operation.

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