RDP's DCW Submersible LVDTs

Published by   – February 17, 2023

RDP Electrosense specializes in precise Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) type instrumentation with stroke lengths from 0.1” to 18.5” and an AC output or internally amplified DC control outputs. To compliment the standard products RDP also has specialty environmental products for submersible & high temperature applications as well as signal conditioning products. 

RDP’s DC to DC LVDT transducer has all the benefits of the LVDT sensor principle with the added convenience of built-in LVDT electronics enabling a dc supply and dc output. As an option we can offer a 4-20mA 2 wire connection to the transducer on some models.
The submersible displacement transducers are designed to make measurements whilst submerged in suitable liquids. Fluids which are non-magnetic can be allowed to flood the armature tube without affecting the operation of the transducer.
This series of displacement transducer is available as either an unguided, captive, or spring return version.

Unguided Version    

The DCW unguided LVDTs the armature assembly is a separate component, to make a measurement the user must guide the armature inside the body without touching the sides. This would be appropriate where external guidance is available and give truly non-contact operation.

Captive Guided Version    

The DCW captive guided displacement transducer has bearings to guide the armature inside the measurement sensor. The DCW captive LVDTs are for position measurement applications where guidance may be poor and end bearings may be required.

Spring Return Version    

The DCW spring displacement transducer has bearings to guide the armature inside the measurement sensor and a spring which pushes the armature to fully out position. The DCW spring return LVDTs are appropriate where it is not possible to connect the transducer armature to the moving component being measured.


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