Carbon Footprint Solutions from Fuji Electric

Published by   – February 23, 2023

There has been an increased interest in understanding how companies operations may be contributing to carbon dioxide emissions. For industries that rely on the burning of natural gas to heat on a large scale this understanding has become critical. One way to understand this is to measure the volume of natural gas consumed by the individual burners or heaters.

Existing systems pose a challenge to the addition of measurement devices due to established piping and a need to minimize down time. Additionally, relatively low operating pressures and volume ranges pose a difficulty to many metering devices.

Fuji Electric has successfully used R5D Pitot Tube Averaging flowmeters to accurately measure natural gas flow to burners and heaters for companies like Michelin.  Bio-gas production monitoring, Flue gas measurement have also been successfully measured.

The simple and robust R5D can be placed into the flow lines with minimum service disruption. No moving parts means no wear and almost no service requirement while in operation, cost of ownership is low and maintenance budgets become more predictable.

Fuji can also provide instrumentation to help measure efficiency of operations as well. For more information on R5D Click here for the datasheet.

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