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Data Logging With Remote UMTS Access In Natural Gas Dehydration Plants

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition solution for a state-owned oil and gas company located in Eastern Europe involved in developing natural gas in distant gas fields.Read More »

Oil Company Uses SAGD for Heavy Oil Recovery

An oil company which regularly drills into reserves containing heavy crude oil required an advanced data logging system to monitor their operation.Read More »

Cyber Security Threats

Bill Lydon has conducted an interview with Eric Byres.Read More »

4 Key Flowmeter Applications to Watch

The worldwide flowmeter market today is extremely diverse, with at least fourteen different flow technologies competing in many different applications.Read More »

Understanding Piezoelectric Accelerometer Resonance Frequency

"Resonance Frequency." What does this term mean?Read More »

Flow/Level: For good measure | ISA

Selecting servo or radar flow sensor technology for custody transfer considerations.Read More »

Stuxnet: Future of Warfare? or just lax security

The Stuxnet worm has hit the big time after Iranian officials confirmed that the malicious code was wreaking havoc at the country's first nuclear power station.Read More »

Thermocouples in Furnaces and Ovens

The temperature on the inside of furnaces and ovens are commonly monitored and controlled by thermocouples inserted into the heated chamber.Read More »

Installation Guide for Hazardous Areas - 2010

Certain fuels, when combined with air, can form an explosive mixture. The main difference between a rapid fire and an explosion is that an explosion creates a pressure wave due to the rapid production…Read More »

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