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Dynamic Torque Measurement [Application Note]

The Basics of Current Transformers

NK Technologies' White Paper dicusses the basics of current transformers.Read More »

The Himmelstein Advantage

The Advantage of Himmelstein's Torque SensorsRead More »

Moisture Measurement in SF6 - A KAHN article

A Permanent, Environmentally Safe Solution for electric utilities that utilize SF6 circuit breakers.Read More »

Hoffer Flow Control and Subsea Applications

The subsea environment places high demands for performance and dependability on flow meters. Hoffer Flow Controls has met these demands with cost effective and highly accurate meters for a variety of applications.Read More »

New Longer Lasting Safer Batteries

A new start up Power Japan Plus has made a leap in battery technology.Read More »

May 20 is World Metrology Day

May 20 is World Metrology DayRead More »

Graphene Fabrication Shortcuts

Good quality flakes of graphene can be produced from bulk graphite using the industrial equivalent of a kitchen blender.Read More »

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