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Hacking an Industrial Control Network

The other day just out of curiosity I did a Google search for "How to Hack an Industrial Control System".Read More »

Network Security Matures

From oil platforms to auto parts manufacturing, the how-to of industrial network protection is improving in this post-Stuxnet world.Read More »

Richard Clarke on Who Was Behind the Stuxnet Attack

America's longtime counterterrorism czar warns that the cyberwars have already begun--and that we might be losing.Read More »

BBC suffers sophisticated Iranian cyber-attack

London-based BBC has been victim of a cyber-attack by Iranian authorities, claims the director-general of world's largest broadcaster in a speech given later today.Read More »

Cyber Security Threats

Bill Lydon has conducted an interview with Eric Byres.Read More »

Stuxnet: Future of Warfare? or just lax security

The Stuxnet worm has hit the big time after Iranian officials confirmed that the malicious code was wreaking havoc at the country's first nuclear power station.Read More »

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