HygroPort I.S. - A New and Improved Intrinsically Safe Portable Dewpoint Hygrometer

Published by Jack Hunter   – July 29, 2011
Categories: Hazardous Area Products, Physical Measurement, Press Release, Principal News, Sensors

The HygroPort I.S. Portable Hygrometer, which replaces the Cermax I.S. Portable Hygrometer, is a fast-responding, easy to use portable instrument for measurement of dewpoint and moisture content in non-corrosive gases in hazardous areas over the operating dewpoint range of -148F to +68F (-100C to +20C).  It is the latest addition to the Kahn Instruments portable hygrometer product family.  New and improved features include:

Typical dewpoint accuracy of the HygroPort I.S. is ±1.8°F.  The instrument can be used in numerous flammable gas moisture measurement applications, including natural gas production and distribution, hydrogen coolant in electric power generators, CNG filling stations, compressed air monitoring in hazardous areas, furnaces and heat treating, biofuel extraction/processing and industrial gas manufacturing. 

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