Environmental Safety Warning System - Therm-ALERT

Published by Jack Hunter   – September 6, 2011
Categories: Industrial Automation, Press Release, Principal News, Sensors, TALON News

PMC PMC Therm-ALERT is a very flexible and customizable sensing and alarm system intended to warn employees and management when temperature or dew point in working areas reach dangerous levels.

The system comprises a high performance capacitive humidity sensor with temperature element, coupled to a display with one or more switch outputs to control functions such as warning lights. The display is mounted within a NEMA 1 enclosure for indoor use or NEMA 4 for outdoors.  The sensors can be installed within the main enclosure or in separate remote enclosure  with or without a secondary display. The system is fully configurable to user needs, including choice of sensors, enclosure, display and annunciators. 

ESWS 107 Environmental Safety Warning System

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