Depth/Level Transmitter - side entry cable - VersaLine VL4563 Series

Published by Jack Hunter   – October 13, 2011
Categories: Industrial Automation, Physical Measurement, Press Release, Sensors

PMC PMC has engineered  a  rugged side entry cable to facilitate the use of their submersible transmitters inside pipes  where the level measurement is required under flowing conditions.  This is offered as a standard option for "¾" inch diameter  transmitters but can also be provided for other series. The combination of the low profile Transmitter and the side entry cable are ideally suited for installations into sewer pipes to minimize flow restrictions and possible clogging.

The design is very much focused on installations in sewer pipes where, taking advantage of the low profile of the VL4500 series, it is placed at the bottom of the pipe and the cable is attached via a strap to the surface. Our pilot installation for this feature has been in New Zealand where we now have more than 100 installed with 100% success and customer satisfaction. The molding, contained within the titanium housing follows are standard process for polyurethane cable.

VL4563 side entry cable 10132011

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