High Pressure Transducer

Published by Jack Hunter   – February 28, 2012
Categories: Principal News, Sensors, TALON News

PMC The VB series has been designed specifically for those applications where very high pressures up to 36,000 psi are to be measured, and temperatures might be as high as 400ºF. Typical applications range from oil field instrumentation, including MWD down hole, to turbine engine monitoring. The performance is achieved by using the very latest processes in thin film strain gauge techniques and is offered without any active amplification or compensation. The VB2100 shown above, is a specific example offering small size and fast frequency response through the flush diaphragm. This has been a specialty of PMC for more than 40 years. The technology is available in a number of different configurations, and we invite potential customers to contact our technical staff at the factory for any required customization.

Series VB 105 2.27.12 Data Sheet

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