Introducing ScadaPro Web HMI

Published by   – December 16, 2015

Bringing your data to the cloud

ScadaPro Web HMI lets you monitor and control local or remote hardware on any device through a browser. It's easy to use with a modern interface, touch based navigation and full customisation, giving you a full visualisation of your data.

Efficiency and Scalability

Guaranteed real time and reliable data delivery with no dependence on slow communication lines. Measuresoft's ScadaPro Web HMI is also scalable with no interruptions or data loss risk as your requirements increase and your applications grow. Our ScadaPro Web HMI provides two way real time data binding for web controls and live data stream.

Visual and Accurate Trends

Featuring our industry-leading Dashboard – Data is presented with a range of custom options and features including Data Export.

• Best in class business intelligence dashboard.
• Global overview of important data used to allow the end user to quickly detect area’s of importance.
• Touch based navigation with the option to use scrolling/zooming button controls if preferred.
• Text based events displayed alongside data to provide context.
• Table view of time stamps and event logos.
• Ability to quickly select intervals of time e.g. 1 day, 8 hours.
• Display of job info as a header.
• Live data reflected on the trend as well as on quickly identifiable animated labels.
• Customizable colours, line styles and thickness for trend lines and axis.
• Filtering options.

Secure and Cost Effective

Quick development and implementation ensure low cost and no downtime without compromising on the latest security features.


Menus’s and product themes can be customized to allow for full and unrestricted customization of visuals. Individual Css3 styles can be applied to any dashboard controls, whether on a specific dashboard or globally. Different data export options are available such as XLS, CSV and TXT.

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