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Published by   – February 11, 2016

Measuresoft’s Site to Office is a solution for delivering real-time data from remote sites to your staff and customers. Site to Office delivers 24/7, real-time visualization, analysis and interpretation. Using a web based interface, Site to Office allows you to collaborate between remote locations to insure efficiency and productivity- while mitigating hazards, delays and the expense of being onsite.

  • Buffering of data
    Data is securely collected and buffered at the site by Scadapro and then forwarded to the office server over low bandwidth communication. Communication recovery is performed without operator intervention and current real-time data is immediately made available to the customer upon recovery of communication.
  • Secured Communication Network
    Communication from the rig site can be performed over a VPN or using a web service client. The client can bypass outgoing firewall restrictions. Communication from the site is fully secured through encryption and password protection.
  • Full Control
    The operator is provided with full visibility of the current state of Site to Office communications. The site operator can also switch Site to Office communications on and off, determining when real-time data is made available to colleagues or customers.
  • Instant messaging
    The off-site user has the option of performing instant messaging, voice and telephone calls and desktop sharing with the site operator.
  • ConfidentialityWindows security mechanisms can be used to nominate which customer users have access to data, protecting confidentiality and commercially sensitive data.
  • Remote Web BrowsingCustomers can use a remote web browser or a remote desktop client to view the data. No additional software or licenses are required on the customers device.
  • Applications
    Applications can be run as windows applications from Internet Explorer or as HTML5 / Javascript Web HMI dashboards from any browser. The applications available include:
    • Login to establish credentials
    • Map for viewing remote locations
    • User drawn dashboard of real-time data
    • Trends of historical and live data
    • Export of data to spreadsheet reports
  • AdministrationAdministrators can specify users who can access system and set the GPS location of sites and issue keys with optional expiry time containing site information. A key load facility is available at site to eliminate need for operator entry of site information and GPS location.

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