Acuity Creates Long Range and High Accuracy Triangulation Laser Sensor for an Application

Published by   – July 12, 2016

An existing Acuity customer has asked for a longer range, high accuracy laser triangulation single spot laser sensor to measure deflection. To keep the laser out of an area that can damage the laser sensor, Acuity created the AR700-2 Long range model. This AR700 model has the same footprint as the AR700 compact unit (similar to the AR700-4). The sensor can measure from 5" out to 7" from the face of the laser sensor. The 2" measurement span provide a resolution of 0.0001" with a linearity of better than +/- 0.0006" over the full measurement span of 2". The AR700-2L has all the same command and communications features as the existing AR700 product line.

For those applications that require a large standoff distance and you require the greater accuracy and resolution the AR700-2L model is a good fit for those difficult applications.

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