Meggitt-Wilcoxon Announces New Website

Published by   – December 14, 2016

Meggitt-Wilcoxon's website is now updated to include e-commerce and new industry pages.

Save time by shopping online or requesting a quote for hundreds of products. Meggitt-Wilcoxon's new online store provides one-stop shopping convenience for sensors and everything that goes with them including cables, enclosures, supportive instrumentation and accessories. 


Monitoring rotating machinery is a priority. Meggitt-Wilcoxon serves many industries supplying sensors for rotating machines. Find products for your environment and application on their new industry pages.


Meggitt-Wilcoxon and TALON look forward to assisting you and helping you succeed. Don't forget, our responsive teams are available to help identify products to meet your requirements, answer questions, and support you during the decision-making process.

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