Thermo/Probes Inc. Temperature Sensors

Thermo/Probes Inc. provides a complete range of temperature measurement products including: Thermocouples and RTDs with a wide range of requirements and specifications, Thermowells, Fittings, and Thermometers. Thermo/Probes Inc. strives to build a quality product with quick delivery.

Based in Houston, TX, Thermo/Probes Inc. is a veteran owned and family operated manufacturer for 3 generations. Thermo/Probes Inc. can provide basic thermocouple applications and engineer custom products in budget and on time, for industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial heating and cooling, HVAC, Aerospace testing, Medical, Sanitary for the Drug and Food industry, Marine, as well as OEM applications. For unique or large numbers of standardized units, Thermo/Probes Inc. can meet your needs, and all temperature products are made in the USA.

Talon is a manufacturers' representative for the following states: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Contact us today to request a quote for Thermo/Probes Inc. temperature sensors & products!


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