Himmelstein Torque Measurement Traducers

TALON Technical Sales, Inc. is proud to represent S. Himmelstein and Company, which has been designing and manufacturing the world’s best torque measurement transducers and & torque measurement meters since 1960. Their instrumentation products offer significant advantages over competitive models, enhancing the overall performance under real world conditions, not just in the calibration stand.

The Himmelstein measurement transducers & meters offer the highest overloads, high electrical over-range, best dynamic measurements and world class temperature performance in either reactionary or rotational models along with complimentary instrumentation. Himmelstein also offers the Only NAVLAP accredited Calibration service up to 4,000,000 lbf-in.

 S. Himmelstein and Company Torque MeasurementTransducers

Himmelstein Transducers

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