Diagnostic Equipment

TALON is proud to offer a wide range of diagnostic equipment and metrology-grade sensors.

Equipment includes:

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Kahn Optisure Optical Hygrometer

Kahn Optisure Optical Hygrometer

  • Dewpoints from -76°F to +104°F
  • The fundamental method of dewpoint measurement
  • Accuracy to ± 0.18°F
  • Internal and remote sensor options
  • Dynamic Contamination Correction (DCC)
  • 4-20mA, 0-20mA, and 0-1 VDC outputs
  • USB, MODBUS RTU digital outputs

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Kahn HygroPort Portable Hygrometer

  • Dewpoints from -148°F to +68°F
  • Rugged thermoplastic case; NEMA 4 rated
  • Digital display, user-selectable ranges, and units
  • Fast-responding internal sensor
  • Second process input channel (4-20 mA) for external transmitters
  • Internal data logging facility (log up to 320,000 points)
  • Bluetooth wireless interface to application software
  • 1/8" NPT inlet and outlet gas connections; stainless steel gas wetted parts
  • 20-micron stainless steel sintered disk filter in the inlet port
  • Pressure and temperature compensation capabilities

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Kahn Easidew Portable Hygrometer

  • Dewpoints from -148°F to +68°F
  • Accuracy to ±3.6°F
  • Pressures to 5000 PSIG
  • °F display
  • Integrated sample system
  • NEMA 4 enclosure

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Kahn Opti-Cal Humidity Calibrator

  • Stand-alone calibrator for relative humidity (RH) sensors providing humidity and temperature profiling with a built-in, NIST traceable optical reference hygrometer.
  • Perform RH sensor calibration in-house
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fully self-contained system
  • Digital control of temperature and relative humidity
  • Range 10% to 90% RH over 10° to 50°C chamber temperatures
  • Integrated precision reference hygrometer
  • Best measurement capability <2% of reading

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MachineryMate's simple meters record, analyze and display vibration signals for quick and reliable machinery health monitoring.

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Tovey Engineering is a well-known manufacturer of highly accurate reference secondary standard load cells and calibration systems. Tovey CS metrology grade load cells achieve ASTM E74 lower load limits of less than 10% of range. Tovey automated transfer standard force calibration systems achieve the lowest uncertainties of any competitive system, closely approximating results from deadweight calibrators. Tovey has improved load cell and system performance over the years by following a program of continuous engineering innovation for each element of the manufacturing and testing processes. A reputation for superior product quality has also been regularly confirmed through customer comparison tests.

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PIE Process Calibrators help you simplify your job with calibrators that are technician-friendly. They are compact, easy to learn, simple to set up, and highly accurate. And PIE is the home of the only calibrators with patented Loop Diagnostic Technology.

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