Fuji Electric Ultrasonic Flowmeters & Orifice Plates

TALON Technical Sales has partnered with Fuji Electric to bring flow measurement solutions to clients through the distribution of the Ultrasonic Flowmeters. Suited for a wide range of industrial liquid, gas, and steam applications, such as sea water, chemical, boilers and chillers and oil. Designs for Portable and permanent installation that do not require breaking the flow line for installation. For pipe sizes form ½” to 96” This partnership strives to make operations of your application smoother by delivering accurate high-speed responses. Speak with one of our representatives to learn more!

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter 


Spool Spice Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Steam Ultrasonic Flowmeter


TALON Technical Sales is a proud distributor of Fuji Electric’s orifice plate. A differential pressure transmitter, this flow measurement tool is designed in accordance with ISO 5167-1: 1991 regulations for suitable applications. The Orifice Plate can be used to measure steam, gas, and liquids in low to medium pressure lines. Line sizes 1” to 16”, ANSI flanges 10K to 40K. Learn more about this product by speaking with an expert today!

Flange Orifice Plate 


Orifice Plate

black-orifice-plate     orifice-plate

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