Kahn Instruments Hygrometers

TALON Technical Sales, Inc. is proud to represent Kahn Instruments, a leading manufacturer of top quality precision hygrometers. Kahn uses the most trusted and innovative technologies to provide hygrometers that measure moisture in an extensive variety of gases, with a range from vacuum to 6,000 PSIG. The Kahn Companies' hygrometer line includes more than ten models, with dewpoint measuring capabilities from -120°C to +90°C (-184°F to 194°F).

Kahn has been a top developer in pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic technology for over 60 years. Since Kahn first introduced its moisture measurement designs 50 years ago, they have consistently manufactured dependable hygrometers of the highest quality for countless specialized applications, often under demanding conditions. In all of our years at TALON, we have never come across a more qualified supplier of modern hygrometers than Kahn. Talon Technical Sales is a manufacturers' representative for Kahn INsturments for Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. 

Kahn Precision Hygrometers

Kahn offers several optical (chilled mirror) precision hygrometer products--Optidew, Optisure and Series 4000--to perform at top levels within an extensive set of dewpoint measurement applications. To suit customer's specifications, each product is available in a variety of models, and for your convenience, all Kahn hygrometers offer measurement traceability to national and international standards.

The sales and technical staff at TALON have experience and skill in matching our clients with the right products for their project specifications. When it comes to Kahn's hygrometers, we have the ability to set you up with the best, most efficient solution. Contact TALON today to start the discussion on your hygrometer.

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