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TALON Technical Sales, Inc. represents industrial instrumentation product lines in the areas of physical measurement sensorstorque measurement, flowsignal conditioners, accelerometers, & vibration sensors and alarms, and pressure transducers / transmitters, subsea transmitters, & water/wastewater sensors, among others, throughout the state of Texas. We strive to offer a high quality and diverse product selection, and our goal is to provide our Texas customers with solutions to their application challenges using reliable and state-of-the-art products.

Our product lines include sensors and instrumentation specifically suited to challenging applications in the following industries:

Manufacturers we represent include:


S, Himmelstein and Company
Description: Torque transducers & Signal
Conditioning Instruments

Hoffer Flow Controls
Description: Turbine flow meters &
VSubsea flow measurement

Description: Accelerometers, Vibration sensors,
Vibration alarms, Signal conditioners,
Communication modules, Cables and Connectors

PMC Engineering
Description: Pressure transducers,
Pressure transmitters, Subsea
transmitters, Water/Wastewater Sensors

TALON Technical Sales offers over 75 years of combined experience in Industrial Instrumentation Sales. We service the entire state of Texas, and some of our most popular markets include:

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