Thermo/Probes Inc. Thermowells

Thermo/Probes’ thermowells are manufactured as a one piece construction, as compared to competitors’ multiple pieces welded together. With gun drilling, they are able to drill a 104″ hole depth into a singular thermowell piece, eliminating the need to weld multiple sections together. The one-piece construction provides greater ease of use with temperature elements. In addition, all tapered thermowells are tapered to the full length of the thermowell in order to provide a stronger construction than a straight thermowell. The tapered thermowells are available up to 80” long.

Thermo/Probes, Inc. thermowells are fabricated to order and machined in house. A variety of materials are available; the most commonly used material is 316SS (Stainless Steel). The thermowells are specified by four types:



To specify the Thermowell type, dimensions, pipe size, bore size, and material, contact us today and request a quote. TALON is a manufacturer's representative of Thermo/Probes, Inc. nationwide.

Thermo/Probes Inc. Thermowell Assemblies

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